Is Your Site Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index Update?

Google Mobile-First Index Update

Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop internet traffic. More than half of all traffic is from mobile devices now.

Furthermore, 80% of the worldwide online traffic will be mobile by the end of 2018.

And it’s no secret anymore that Google places a great significance on mobile.

When SEO agencies and website owners first heard about mobile-first indexing, it seemed like the apocalypse was upon them. Well, it seems exaggerated but that is true, we’ve seen the faces of our clients when we first informed them of this change. Though, we had been recommending all our clients to be prepared for this change.

So, what this fuss is all about?

Google, instead of desktop versions of a given site to evaluate and rank pages based on relevance, they’ll do it for your mobile site first. So, the mobile version of your website will decide it’s serach visbility, organic rankings, inbound leads, and traffic.


Well, according to Google (and countless other studies), mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic on Google.

In Google’s own words:

“Although our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results.”

Now the important question is – Is Your Site Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index Update?

Well, the answer is – It completely depends on the current establishment of your website.

Then, what is the solution?

The answer is very simple, either your website should be responsive or mobile-friendly. While both the solutions sound similar they have major differences that can negatively impact your SEO in the mobile-first index.

Dynamic serving or popularly known as mobile-friendly sites manage the content, media (images or videos), page layout dynamically on mobile and desktop websites. However, Google prefers responsive websites as it renders the same HTML codes, content and media on all devices.

Responsive website renders perfectly on almost all devices and they eliminate the most annoying user experience elements like zooming, pinching, etc on different size of devices.

Today, in order to stay ahead of your competition, your website must not just responsive but be user-friendly, search engine friendly, cross-browser, device and OS compatible. So, mobile-friendly sites in today’s world of stiff competition where technology evolving day by day, new communication devices are coming in the marketing of different sizes, technology, operating systems. It can be very expensive to manage mobile-friendly websites as requires a lot of manpower and money.

There is a third solution as well – Separate Mobile Sites

But you yourself know the cost of managing multiple sites for different devices. Every time you thought of making any change, it will be implemented on all sites individually. All website will be promoted individually. It’ll require different technology team, marketing teams which mean more work but less result.

In case you already have a responsive website, you don’t need to be bothered. Is that True?

Yes! If you don’t care about organic traffic which generates the most profitable and highly relevant leads for any business in the world.

Alright, you do care about organic traffic and search engine rankings of your website. You should know that apart from more than 200 SEO factors which Google considers to rank any website, speed, security, and quality of the content are the keys to success.

If you’re not sure that if your website is ready for the mobile first update, you can avail our SEO audit service. The SEO Site Assessment service provided by MySEODoc is designed to give clients an in-depth critique of their site, identifying areas where improvements can and must be made. This comprehensive website health check report enables website owners/ webmasters to quickly learn the factors search engines deem important when ranking any website.

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