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PPC or Paid Marketing

Anyone can set-up PPC Campaign easily but a few people know how to optimize it to get maximum ROI. That’s where understanding the concept, strategy, expertise and knowledge about right tools and tricks come into play.

Our PPC Strategy and Game Plan

At My SEO Doc, we have a highly-qualified team of experienced search experts who are well-versed in handling even the most-complex campaigns and latest tools. For our young and dynamic team of online advertisement experts, it’s not just a job, it’s our passion.

While our competitors may focus on starting with setting up a campaign, we first thoroughly understand your business, PPC goals and then design the campaign to maximize the ROI.

We will then create a strategy to show you how we’ll work holistically on all your PPC needs including:

  • Audit
  • Optimization of click-thru rates
  • Bid Management
  • Optimal Budgeting
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • A/B Testing
  • Efficient Reporting

If ROI is not your PPC end goal, you might as well not do it at all. By the time you go through our Audit, you’ll already be halfway to the goal


Search Advertising

Our expertise lies in ad positioning for your brand’s major keywords at the lowest possible cost after performing an in-depth keyword research. This helps us remove all the irrelevant and non-productive keywords and proceed to experiment on other profitable search queries for your business. Working with us – we assure you that your expenses are only used for best returns as we test the ad and landing page for maximum ROI before even starting the campaign.

Display Advertising

Display campaigns compliment your search queries more than your other paid campaigns because your prospect audience can see your banner ads on their preferred websites and blogs. This not only helps your brand meet its advertising goals but also enhances your brand awareness. All the other ad placement platforms including websites and blogs are handpicked as per the needs of your business, products, services, and target audience.


Remarketing ensures that you don’t lose your potential customers. In case you received a visitor who liked your brand but didn’t take an instant decision or got distracted by other offers, retargeting ensures that they get your message again.

We do it for your brand by keeping track of all the relevant data, and learning about the different types of audience that were targeted during your previous campaigns. We then segment the audience and retarget the relevant visitors who have a high chance of being your brand’s consumer.

Google Grant (For Charitable Trusts)

Google Ad Grant is similar to AdWords in terms of displaying your message to the audience. The main difference is that it’s for non-profit organizations. Google grants $10,000 per/month in your AdWords account.

But while you’re busy running your NGO, we provide PPC management services especially for non-profits. So you can continue helping others with your good cause while we take care of your online advertising needs. Our PPC experts will ensure that your organization reaches most of your audience with ads targeted by us.

Google-AdWords Express

Do you own a local store or small business? Then AdWords Express is the trump card to your advertising campaigns. It is capable of targeting hyper-local audience with much lower bids as you don’t need to compete with national players.

While AdWords Express is an easy-to-use alternative to AdWords, we still believe it is a job for experts.

We can help you stand out among your competitors by doing thorough market research and understanding of demographics. Our copywriters then craft short business descriptions ensuring the best practices in AdWords Express which will help Google only target the most-valued visitors to your website. We ensure that you achieve maximum ROI with least investments.

Our Online Advertisement Expertise

Our PPC experts have always surprised our esteemed clients by regularly achieving exceptional results on all online advertising platforms:

Google AdWords (including display ads)
LinkedIn Ads
Facebook Ads
YouTube Ads
Bing Ads
Subscribe Ads

My SEO Doc PPC Advertising Services


You will need an Audit if you think you’re overspending and not getting the desired ROI. An audit will open new doors and unravel new opportunities in your PPC strategy. In the audit, we address all the weaknesses and threats your business is facing in online advertising. The end goal of an audit is to eliminate all your problems and achieve maximum positive results.

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Our Process


Answer a few questions


Establish KPI’s & budget


Setup/ Audit your campaign


Keyword bid management


Maintenance & optimization

Our Specialized Services

SEO Audit

Hourly Consulting

PPC Audit

Graphic Designing

SEO Training

Influencer Marketing

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